Workshop Offerings

Architecture is for the Birds

Grades: 1-12  

Cost: $350.00

In this workshop students learn about important buildings in their community and construct birdhouse replicas from images.

Movie Makeup

Cost: $350.00 per class, up to 25 students

Includes Theatrical Makeup & Supplies

Students learn to create movie and stage magic! Learn to create movie make up effects in the uber cool class! Awesome for children's parties.

Poetry and Paint New!

Grades: 6-12

Cost: $350.00 per class, up to 25 students

Includes Materials

Combines the art of painting and the art of poetry for an interesting twist on sources of inspiration in visual art. Classic and modern poems are discussed and form the basis for works created using a variety of materials.


Speak Up!

Grades: 9-12

Cost: $250 per class, up to 25 students

Speak up is a basic level Public Speaking Workshop designed to prepare high school students for real world scenarios. Students are able to practice effective public speaking and language skills, interviewing skills, and persuasion.


Theatre Games                                                                        

Grades: 1-12

Cost: $250 per class, up to 25 students

Theatre Games is designed to introduce young people to the art of theatre, drama, and acting through fun improvisational exercises and rehearsed skits. You won't stop laughing during this class!




An interactive workshop designed for teens that addresses issues of teen pregnancy, violence, drug abuse, self esteem, -skill building and team building exercises.

AGES 13-17

Cost: $250.00 per class, up to 25 students

Private Parties Available for Any Of the Above Programs

Call for Pricing

*All workshops require a 50% deposit 2 weeks prior to scheduled visit.



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Schools and Community Groups should arrange to have students complete video and photos release forms prior to GA Workshops.

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